Blessing Bags: Giving Back to the Community in a Big Way

blessing bags: giving back to the community

What’s in a Blessing Bag?

  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Kid-friendly card games
  • Shelf-stable food
  • Oral hygiene kits
  • Hats and gloves
  • Mini shampoo, soap, razor


Sparks Synchronized Skating Team
Elliot Carson & team at Patterson Dental
Dr. Lisa Phillips & daughters girl scout troop
Partners who nominated families like, Focus Points, Benefits in Action, the KIND clinic, Be Well and their community connections

Volunteers have come together to ensure that families in need have food, hygiene supplies, and other essential items during the holiday season. This project, known as Blessing Bags, has been going strong for three years now and is a testament to the power of community. 

Here’s a closer look at what Blessing Bags are all about…

What are Blessing Bags?
Blessing Bags are an initiative started by KIND and local volunteers who want to help families in need during the holidays. Each bag includes food items such as canned goods, hygiene products, and other essentials that can help families make it through the holidays.

How Can I Help Out?
There are several ways you can get involved with Blessing Bags. You can donate money or items that will go towards creating these blessing bags. You can also volunteer your time to help stuff bags or deliver them to nominated families in need. 

How Has It Impacted Our Community?
The impact of this project has been tremendous – not only for nominated families but for our entire community as well! This project really goes above and beyond what we thought was possible when it first began a few years ago – not only providing necessary items but also providing hope and inspiration for everyone involved.

Blessing Bags are an amazing example of what happens when a community comes together with a common goal in mind—caring for one another!

Thank you to our donors, volunteers, board members, and everyone else who made this incredible effort possible. Together we have created something truly special!

“most houses knew who KIND was, except one…the mom seemed a little confused. I asked if she knew who KIND was and she said a tentative “no”, and then a 9-year-old boy popped his head around the corner and said “I do!”

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