You Belong With KIND

You Belong with kind

Belonging is at the heart of our mission.

Is there a coffee shop that knows your order? Maybe you’ve been going to the same hair stylist for years? Or you can count on that steadfast group at the gym?

In any of these places, there’s a warmth, a belonging, when a routine service becomes less transactional and more relational.

Belonging is at the heart of our mission at KIND. Spanish-speaking culture uses the phrase “Sentido de Pertenencia,” a sense of belonging. Our patient families may not experience belonging in their everyday routines. They may be overlooked, as marginalized members of our larger communities.

In the KIND clinics, it is imperative that our patient families experience a judgment-free, welcoming space. We build relationships to create a Sentido de Pertenencia.

Meet Camillo!

Eight-year old Camillo Frausto and his three older brothers – Luis, Aldo, and Julian – have been KIND patients for many years. When Camillo and his brothers are in the clinic, there’s more to the visit than oral healthcare – there’s connection. Dr. Maes asks for updates on their shared passion, training horses.The clinic team knows the Frausto brothers are in a family band, “Leyenda Original,” and likes to hear about upcoming gigs.

So when KIND had the opportunity to book a band for our first-ever community event, SmileFest, we knew who we had to call.

Camillo took the stage on a cool early afternoon in August alongside his brothers and their cousin. The festival goers were captivated. These young men in their traditional Mexican performance costumes looked and sounded like a professional troupe at an exclusive concert. The upbeat, traditional Mexican music brought smiles to the faces of all the attendees. Camillo looked right at home on the drums and singing. 


Camillo represents the positive impact that a sense of belonging can have on Colorado’s children. At 8-years old, Camillo believes he is KIND’s “house band” and walks around like a celebrity. 

At KIND, along with providing a direct-service, we strive to welcome every family into a sense of belonging. Our approach to patient care is summed up beautifully by KIND’s long-time volunteer orthodontist, Dr. Joseph Dankey, DDS: “We’re here to serve and we are involved with our patients personally. We don’t just practice here, we live here.”

But relationship-building is hard work. It takes investment. And there are so many families that KIND has yet to reach.

When you give financially to KIND, you support the future of Colorado children like Camillo!  Help us create a Sentido de Pertenencia.

In joyful song and smiles,
Your friends at KIND


The good news is that KIND has over 1000 Colorado supporters who believe in Camillo's future. Today, we invite you to join our mission!

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