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The Real-Life El Raton & Tooth Fairy

When a child loses a baby tooth, they place it under their pillow at night. There’s joy and excitement in the morning when the tooth has vanished and in its place are gifts or money!

In most US households, it’s the tooth fairy who is responsible for this magic. But in Latin American countries and many Hispanic-American homes in Colorado, the visitor is el raton de los dientes, the tooth mouse!  

Connecting to the fabric and culture of the communities we serve is critical to the work at KIND. It’s what separates KIND from large-scale health centers. We are embedded within the community as a friend, provider, and advocate.

There’s no better example of this than our Promotora model. Through lived experiences, our Promotoras have firsthand knowledge of the challenges their communities face. They build trust with patients and community members through common language and culture. 

Karla Olivas, Lead Promotora

Karla Olivas joined the KIND team as Lead Promotora in 2023. Karla is one of those people who, even if you’ve just met, feels like a treasured friend. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She is knowledgeable and resourceful, from her homemade dry-skin lotion to her worms for vermicomposting! 

Karla’s relationship with KIND began when her own children were patients. Using her training as a high school teacher, Karla invests in her community making sure they know how to access oral healthcare and why it’s so important. “I do not want people in the community to lack information about dental health and the importance it has (for) health in general.” Karla knows that she must first build trust to have a lasting impact. “I want to become one of those people in which families can open up to…and have the confidence to approach and ask questions.”

The Promotora model is vital to the success of KIND’s mission to drive oral health advocacy in Colorado communities.
You can be the magic, just like El Raton and the Tooth Fairy, by supporting these amazing community builders today.
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