KIND Hearts Promotoras

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community? Do you enjoy helping others and being part of a close-knit group? Do you believe that your community’s needs are unique, and often underrepresented?  

Join the KIND Hearts Promotoras and Promotors in our goal to create healthier communities from within, through power building and leadership cultivation.

You don’t need to be an expert in oral health care to join this movement; we believe in the importance of oral health care’s role in healthy, thriving communities, and we’ll provide you with the necessary training and support.

What does it mean to be a KIND Hearts Promotora or Promotor

Becoming a KIND Hearts Promotora or Promotor is a transformative, compensated experience to build your knowledge, skills, network, and even career while making a positive difference in your community. 

You’ll immediately feel a deep sense of connection to a group of like-minded individuals who value your unique voice and perspective. You’ll be an integral part of a supportive network that values and uplifts each other.

Our Lead Promotoras conduct 1-on-1 introductory meetings to understand your interests, needs, and concerns, tailoring your journey to your unique aspirations and goals. Whether through apprenticeships, mentorship, workshops, community events, training sessions, or social connection, you’ll have access to experiences that nurture your potential to contribute to community empowerment.

The KIND Hearts Promotora/promotor program

The First few weeks:
  • Meet 1-on-1 with KIND Lead Promotoras to share feedback and interests
  • Immediate opportunity to impact the community through introductory survey and 1-on-1 meeting
  • Oral Health Advocacy Tool Kit Resources/Training opportunities
  • Work with Lead Promtoras to create a customized Apprenticeship plan to guide your development, according to your interests*
The First Year:
  • Connected and supported in professional personal growth opportunities 
  • Ongoing compensated opportunities to represent your community’s needs
  • Ongoing compensated opportunities to serve, educate, and empower your community
  • Complete your customized Apprenticeship program at your own speed*
  • Develop mentor relationships*

*Apprenticeship Program Only

Things our Promotoras say they love about KIND Hearts:


Be a Promotora/Promotor Champion

  • Opportunity to participate in lead various educational, leadership, and growth opportunities – free of charge, with complimentary needed resources provided, including childcare. 
  • Compensated opportunities to provide feedback that represents your community’s needs – virtually and in person.
  • Compensated opportunities to collaborate with KIND in identifying and engaging the community in the provision of oral health resources and knowledge in culturally relevant and respectful ways.
  • TIME: No minimum time commitment; we’ll provide opportunities and you can join in as often as you’d like. 

Join our Promotora/Promotor Apprenticeship Program

All Promotora Champion benefits above, plus: 

  • Customized personal Promotora/ Promotor apprenticeship plan, including tailored solutions for mentorship, educational courses, and social connection that align with your interests and goals.
  • Opportunities to help plan/design/lead KIND Hearts education, leadership and growth opportunities, and other learning or social resources – free of charge and with any needed resources provided. 
  • Opportunities for financial assistance and placement into KIND’s supported professional career pathways.
  • Work closely with KIND’s Lead Promotoras to direct KIND towards solutions that are specific to your community’s needs.
  • TIME: This customized apprenticeship program typically involves a commitment of an average of 5-20 hours per month, in as little as 6 months, but can be done at your own pace. We understand the importance of flexibility, so the specific time commitment can be adjusted to fit your schedule.
  • Upon completion of KIND’s promotora apprenticeship, Promotoras/Promtors will be supported through mentorship and eligibility for permanent employment consideration at KIND. 

For More Information

Contact one of our Lead Promotoras:

Anid Naranjo

KIND Lead Promotora & ADA-Certified Community Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC)

Hello, my name is Anid and I grew up in Denver with my parents and my younger sister. I’m bilingual and enjoy spending time with my kids. I have a German Shepard named Bruno and he keeps me on my feet. I graduated from PIMA in 2008 and continued my education with my EDDA training in 2010. I was lucky enough to have experience in all aspects of dentistry: EDDA, Oral Surgery, Endo, Ortho, Implants, Front desk, and in 2020 during COVID I was able to attend an online course and receive my CDHC (Community Dental Health Coordinator) certificate.  I have worked for KIND (Kids in Need of Dentistry) for the past 6 years.  I absolutely enjoy what I do and I love working with families and kiddos.

Karla Olivas

KIND Lead Promotra

Hi, my name is Karla and I’m a lead promotora for KIND. In Mexico I was a high school English teacher. When I arrived in this country, I dedicated myself to being a housewife, my kids and husband. I took some yoga and reiki courses here and there and when my small children went full time to school,  I started to work for a non-profit organization and fell in love with the idea of supporting others. I have always been involved in community service and volunteering in my children’s schools. These are things that I have tried to pass on to my children because I firmly believe that by supporting others, we stimulate our own growth and self-esteem.

What I enjoy the most is spending time with my children. I also love cooking, and it also relaxes me a lot.

Since my 4 children have been patients, I can speak based on my own experience and recommend the services that KIND offers to the community. Being part of the KIND team means a lot to me!

This program is made possibly by support from the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health

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