Chopper Topper

Since 1998, KIND has partnered with Denver area elementary schools to provide its Chopper Topper program for children with limited access to dental care.

This mobile dental sealant program travels to Denver area elementary schools with student populations of 50 percent or more qualifying for the free or reduced lunch program to provide dental screenings, preventive dental sealants, oral health education and referrals at no cost.

Why are dental sealants important? Research has shown that dental sealants, when retained intact, are nearly 100% effective in preventing dental decay in permanent molar teeth, especially when used in combination with other preventive measures such as fluoride, and regular brushing. Placing dental sealants on children’s teeth protects the tooth enamel from the acids that cause tooth decay.  

Lisa Valdez, RDH
Chopper Topper Program Director
OFFICE: 720-795-9793 x 1004

"To whom this may concern: My son, has been a patient here for many years and because his is autistic, it entails special care, compassion and patience. We've received the most wonderful care. Sharon and Jeannie are supreme professionals and most wonderful with my son. He loves to come here, and because of this wonderful care, he is able to respond and get the dental care he needs."
Deepest Gratitude KIND!