Wish List

Looking for a way to help? These are a few items the KIND team is in need of based on location:

Denver Clinics

Digital x-ray sensor for

Slow speed handpieces

Nose cone handpieces

Statum sterilizer


Cavitron tips

Digital x-ray Sensor

Mechanical handpiece cleaner

Bluetooth headset

TV Screens above chairs

Toothbrushes with KIND contact info

Tooth paste

Fluoride varnish

Cavicide wipes

Non latex gloves

Surgical masks

Colorado Springs Clinics

Cordless curing lights

High speed handpieces 

Slow speed handpieces

Slow speed motor

Prophy handpieces

Statum Sterilizer


Cavitron tips

Fluoride Varnish

Sealant material

Uni-dose bond

All-in-one  bond

Toothbrushes with KIND info


Cavicide wipes and/or spray

Non-latex gloves

Surgical loop masks

Chopper Topper


Curing lights

Full set of mobile equipment (compressor, chair, cords)

New Van 

Shelving for existing van

Sealant material


Fluoride varnish

Toothbrushes w/ KIND info