Open Up Eriana!

Open Up Eriana!

Eriana has come so far! In 2019, she came to see KIND for her first trip to the dentist. She was only 1 1/2  and had an extremely hard time — she was screaming, crying and fighting clinic staff due to her fear. 

Eriana has a genetic medical condition and had seen many different doctors in her short little life. Eriana was so nervous

Today — at age 3, Eriana is super excited to see the dentist and as you can see is a very happy (and adorable) little girl! Eriana’s siblings are also beloved, longtime KIND patients. KIND has had a relationship with this family for about 5 years and it shows! We are so proud of the relationships we build to encourage healthy smiles and we need your help to continue these critical efforts.

We have an urgent need as we support children and teens in need and increased demand affecting Colorado families in the aftermath of COVID.

Keep Supporting Hope

We share your hope and belief that every child has the right to a healthy smile and body, no matter economic circumstances or ability to pay. And we cannot trade one health crisis for another.

No matter what your contribution level, your donation to KIND makes a real difference. KIND devotes all contributions toward providing quality dental care for Colorado’s children in need. 

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