Making a Difference for Maria!

When KIND’s mobile dental hygiene program, Chopper Topper visited Northmoor Elementary School, one of our staff hygienists, Janice, (pictured Left, with Maria), met Maria at the insistence of her school teacher. Her teacher had discovered that Maria had been experiencing dental pain for a few weeks now, when it began affecting her ability to perform in the classroom. Maria’s family had previously taken her to a corporate dental entity where they were told that Maria would need 8 teeth removed at a cost that was impossible for them to pay. Janice worked with our Commerce City Oral Healthcare Center staff, and the school teacher, (who translated between Janice and Maria’s Spanish-speaking parents to obtain consent and arrange transportation), to get Maria into see our KIND dentist, Dr. Les Maes, as emergency visit on that same afternoon!  Dr. Maes and his team were able to extract the tooth causing Maria pain and set-up a treatment plan for Maria at a cost within her family’s budget. Plus, their treatment plan included the ability to save and repair some Maria’s 8 teeth with decay. This is not an uncommon occurrence for patients we see in our Chopper Topper program and we are so grateful our funding partnerships that help make these success stories possible for us and our patients.
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