Oral health plays an important role in a child’s overall health and wellness. Just as childhood immunizations affect an individual’s long-term health, dental care and the habits formed during childhood have a lifelong impact as well. It is important that children establish good dental habits early, creating the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Each on of our Colorado clinics as well as our Chopper Topper and Orthodontic programs is dedicated to providing the best care to increase overall oral health through education and our treatment plans.

MDDS Clinic

Our Clinics

KIND has a clinic in Colorado Springs and three in Denver to help serve Colorado children in need. 

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Chopper Topper Program

Our sealant program’s main goal is to help avoid dental decay. Chopper Topper aims to provide sealants before dental decay in an effort to avoid fillings, crowns and caps and other expensive work in the future.

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Orthodontic Program

Kids In Need of Dentistry partners with local orthodontists and the Colorado Orthodontic Foundation to provide orthodontic services to our patients.

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