Kids In Need of Dentistry (KIND) is a nonprofit organization that provides high-quality, affordable dental care to children in need throughout Colorado. Since 1912, KIND has helped thousands of children each year get the dental services they need at a cost their families can afford. KIND is committed to providing dental care that is respectful of and responsive to the specific cultural needs of the communities we serve.

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KIND staff, board members and volunteers have a passion for helping the underserved children in Colorado. Kids In Need of Dentistry has been dedicated to bridging the gap for low income families struggling to provide quality dental care and education for their children since 1912.

7.8 million school hours are lost each year in Colorado due to tooth pain. A child with a toothache can’t eat properly, misses out on much needed sleep, and struggles to concentrate in school. Dental health and education is an imperative piece of the puzzle to grow healthy and happy children.

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KIND is committed to increasing the health and happiness of Colorado’s children in need by eliminating dental disease through treatment and education.
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